Seeking docs on integrated reaction rate (IRR) set up in CMAQ process analysis

We seek documentation on setting up integrated reaction rate (IRR) process analysis in CMAQ.
EPA/600/R-99/030, Cpt 16 Process Analysis by Gerald L. Gipson discusses IRR and for details refers to discussion of PACP (process analysis control program) details and syntax in ‘Models-3 User Manual (EPA 1998)’, which I find listed online as EPA/600/R-99/055, but without actual text or linked PDF.
Where can we find details on how PACP control information for IRR is coded?

Process analysis is documented in Chapter 9 of the CMAQ User’s Guide.

The 1999 Science Document is available here. Process analysis is Chapter 16. However, some of the discussion is now out of date. In particular, it is no longer necessary to run the Process Analysis Control Program. Instead, one simply edits the run script to setenv CTM_PROCAN Y and edits or creates a process analysis configuration input file. There is an example for the cb6r3_ae7_aq mechanism provided in the MECHS folder of the CMAQ repository.