Smkinenv logfile: what is AR2PT x-ref file?

 Processing inventory data...
 Value for RAW_DUP_CHECK:  Y returning TRUE
 Value for ALLOW_NEGATIVE:  N returning FALSE
 Value for SMK_MAXERROR:  100
 Value for SMK_MAXWARNING:  100
 Value for WEST_HSPHERE:  Y returning TRUE
 Value for FULLSCC_ONLY not defined;returning default:   FALSE
 WARNING: Duplicate entry in AR2PT x-ref file:
      Region: 000000001001 SCC: 00000000002260008005 TSCC: 00000000002260008005

the above is the smkinven.log file.
There is a warning: “Duplicate entry in AR2PT x-ref file”.
What’s that meaning? which file is ar2pt x-ref file?

You can check out the link for the details:

Thank you. I have checked the ar2pt file. However, I am still confused about the warining meaning.

I understand it can be confusing. Sorry about that. AR2PT file is designed to process a big area source into multiple point sources by assigning them to multiple point sources with same FIPS and SCC. So, it gives you warning messages that they are duplicates entries with same FIPS and SCC from ARTOPNT input files while processing. However, those are just warning messages that we want you to aware of what have been processed. I can definitely understand it can be quite confusing. You can disregard these messages moving forward.