SMOKE 4.7 - LOGS file


Once I typed this command, it does not work and I can not go to the LOGS folder:
cd $LOGS

Anybody knows the reason?

What is the path of log files?

Have you source your ASSIGNS file? Have you followed the section 12.3 “Installing SMOKE”?

I’m not sure if the LOGS environment variable is set – you’d have to source an assigns file to set environment variables.

You should be able to see the settings of the various variables including logs directory when you run the scripts - look at the standard output that is printed when you run it to see the directories.

Thank you so much. I re-install it based on section 12.3.

My another question. Why there is no scripts/platform folder in my SMOKE?

Did you download one of the EPA platform packages such as 2016v1 or only the SMOKE release?

The platform is available here and there is a README file:

Thank you so much.

I have not downloaded it yet. Since I want to work on NEI 2011 emission as a baseline, should I download NEI 2011 platform? If so, is it available?

Yes. There are a couple 2011 platform documented here:

There were two updates to the original 2011ek case called 2011el and 2011en. The links to the data files and TSDs are on this page.

Which files of platform should be copied? Can you please tell me the path that I have to copy those files (the destination path, I mean)?

Moreover, I want to run 2011 baselines. However, I need to know which files should I download and run.

Last, can I use these platform for SMOKE v4.7? Once I read README files, I found that they are for SMOKE v3.7.

Review the README file:

It will show you that you mostly need the files in

Along with and some ancillary files

From the ancillary_data and if you are running nonpoint sectors, the spatial_surrogates directories

Let us know if you have more questions once you review these materials.

Can you please help me how I can find *.csh files for NEI 2011?

Th details on NEI Platform are available from README file @eyth.alison pointed you to.