GEOCODE_LEVEL and SICDESC files for year 2019

I am running SMOKE v4 for year 2019 in Canada. Can anyone please let us know where to get the GEOCODE_LEVELs and SICDESC files required as the input files in the assign script. I’m afraid I have not been able to locate these files on Index of /Air/emismod/2019 (

We note that the GEOCODE_LEVEL files are only needed for hemispheric processing, For the SICs, those have become obsolete and therefore we don’t use an SICDESC anymore.

Are you doing hemispheric modeling, or regional modeling? Also, where did your “assign script” come from?

I am doing regional modeling, specifically for the 12US1 standard EPA domain.
I have been using the assign script by installing SMOKEv4 from CMAS website: CMAS: Community Modeling and Analysis System (

The CMAS website script is not appropriate for the 2019 platform.

Please use the scripts provided with the 2019 platform instead:

See this file for instructions:

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For the US, if you are working with one of our post-SMOKE-MOVES onroad FF10s and just need to run through Spcmat/Grdmat/Temporal, then you may find one of our onroad-as-nonpoint packages useful:

For Canada, you don’t need the met files for the canada_onroad / othon sector, but you will for the Canada dust sectors if you need to run those in addition to onroad.