SMOKE aggwndw REPFILE showing >100% values

I ran SMOKE v4.8 ‘aggwndw’ as shown on the CMASWARE repository at google drive ( and obtained a B3GRD output file for the 12US2 domain. Now, I am trying to check if the B3GRD file is correct, and I noticed a potential issue related to REPFILE.

The top part of REPFILE obtained from running ‘aggwndw’ is showing Input/Output Emissions percentage values much greater than 100% for some land and vegetation categories:

I was wondering if these Emission percent values are wrong in the REPFILE?

Did you use the special setting to aggregate non-mass values: Custom BELD5 input file over your modeling domain can be developed using new updated Aggwndw utility program in SMOKE that can optionally aggregate non-mass values with the setting of AGGREGATE_EMIS_YN = N.

I did use AGGREGATE_EMIS_YN = N as was provided in the sample script. When I randomly checked the land and vegetation variables of the output file, I did not notice any issues in the variable values (ton/ha for vegetation and percent for MODIS variables) I checked randomly.