SMOKEv3.5 compile ERROR

Hi All, I have met a problem when I was trying to use ifort compile SMOKEv3.5.
After I source platform, and source ASSIGNS.nctox.cmaq.cb05_soa.us12-nc, I want to run Makeall script to make all of the SMOKE programs.
Here I got the trouble. When I followed user guide’s instruction typing Makeall, the error showed that: Makeall: Command not found.
Neither did Makeit command.
If I source Makeall script, it showed the error: Makeit: Command not found.
If I source Makeit script, it showed the error: make: *** No rule to make target `all’. Stop.

Please give me the suggestion if you know that or you have met similar errors.

I am not sure which version of Linux OS you are using but I would suggest you to perform the installation before you try to compile the SMOKE system. SMOKE v3.5 is statically compiled and you do not need to recompile the codes but simply use the precompiled executables that come with the package. If you are able to run the run scripts based on the installation link below, then you do not need to compile the SMOKE.