Soccergoal plot by seasonally?

I can successfully plot soccergoal plot using AMETv1.4 for a year or for a specific time period by using AMET_ADD_QUERY.
setenv AMET_ADD_QUERY “and (d.month=9 or d.month=10 or d.month=11)”

But I want to plot for 2 different time periods ( time period example, June-August (Summer), and September-November (Fall) in a single a plot for a specific pollutant .
An example of plot will look like the following plot ( collected from Florida RH plan SIP)soccer

What changes do I need to make in the script?
Thanks in advance


There’s no “easy” way to plot multiple seasons on the soccergoal plot. This would require more significant changes to the script, as it’s setup to do multiple networks not multiple months/seasons.

I’ll look at the script and see how difficult it would be to implement the capability you’re suggesting.


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