Soiltypes in CMAQ DUST_EMIS.F


I am working on modifying soil properties in the CMAQ DUST_EMIS.F file and noticed this line that seems to shift all soil types by one.

C kludge (fixed in wrf-px after 4 Mar 11)
if ( j .gt. 4 ) j = j + 1 ! PX combines “silt” with “silt loam”
if ( j .gt. 13 ) j = 13 ! = ?

Is there a reason for this increase in soil type number? From the comment it seems like it was fixed in WRF-PX after 4 Mar 11 yet the fix in CMAQ still remains.

If this still should be in the DUST_EMIS.F file should I assume that if I wanted to change sltyp 7 as found in METCRO2D for example I would need to actually need to change sltyp 8 in the soiltxt table in DUST_EMIS.F.



Could you inform on the version of WRF and if PX LSM is used? CMAQ as well.

We are actually doing some work on the dust scheme and have some updates that have not made it into the model yet. Newer versions, I think WRFv4.1+ have gone to 16 class soil and believe these are synced so this adjustment of +1 for cats > 4 is a bug. I’ll need to ask the developer of PX for more detail. In our research version that is not quite ready, I see this “kludge” removed. Possible the fix is to just comment out these two lines of code. But the version of WRF is helpful.



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I am using the PXLSM and WRFv4.2.1. I am also using CMAQv5.3.1 if that is also helpful


Wait for Jon, but looking at the code, if you are using WRFv4.1+ this kludge should likely be removed and any alteration of the soil property table straightforward.

If older WRF, changing tables with the +1 consideration class > 4 would be correct.

Will respond as soon as possible.