Soiltypes in CMAQ DUST_EMIS.F


I am working on modifying soil properties in the CMAQ DUST_EMIS.F file and noticed this line that seems to shift all soil types by one.

C kludge (fixed in wrf-px after 4 Mar 11)
if ( j .gt. 4 ) j = j + 1 ! PX combines “silt” with “silt loam”
if ( j .gt. 13 ) j = 13 ! = ?

Is there a reason for this increase in soil type number? From the comment it seems like it was fixed in WRF-PX after 4 Mar 11 yet the fix in CMAQ still remains.

If this still should be in the DUST_EMIS.F file should I assume that if I wanted to change sltyp 7 as found in METCRO2D for example I would need to actually need to change sltyp 8 in the soiltxt table in DUST_EMIS.F.