CMAQ Dust Physical Parameterization

I am working on developing a Utah Specific dust model framework using CMAQ and WRF. After reading the paper, "Development and evaluation of a physics-based windblown
dust emission scheme implemented in the CMAQ modeling
system"which goes over the implementation of the dust model and the physical parameterization. I am hoping to be able to change the Threshold Friction Velocity, Friction Velocity, Surface Roughness Length and Dust Flux.

Is there a specific set of files in CMAQ that has these values or any other way to possible change this?


You want to look into “DUST_EMIS.F” file:

The line numbers below are based on the latest release here:

  • Threshold Friction Velocity : utstar: see line 1266
  • Friction Velocity : ustr : line 970
  • Surface Roughness Length : z0 : line 962
  • Dust Flux (horizontal) : hflux : line 1272

Hope this helps,

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That was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!