Something wrong in creat SA_CONC

I meet this problem when running CMAQv5.4_ISAM.
In my original job, it traced 16 source ,TAG NAME and 10 TAG CLASSES in emission control file.
However, this problem disappeared after my editting emission control file, only keep 1 source TAG NAME and TAG CLASS.
Hope you give me some suggestion. Thanks in advance.

What version of I/O API?
1.0 through 3.1: max files 128
3.2: max files 256
3.2-large: max files 512

V3.2,I wonder if it is necessary to upgrade to 3.2-large.

Probably: “large” was specifically for CMAQ-DDM and -ISAM; because of larger tables and table-lookups, it requires much more memory and is somewhat slower than the "normal: I/O API-3.2.
Note: This version should be kept carefully isolated from the regular version of the I/O API, because “mixed” builds will exhibit obscure, hard-to-diagnose bugs.

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Thanks for your suggestions , I will try this new version and test job.