Specifying grid height in RE pathway

On page 3-133 of the userguide it explains how to define a simple cartisian grid.

XYINC -5000. 11 1000. -5000. 11 1000.

This is a beautifully concise way to get contour outputs.

It would be really helpful to be able to vary the height of the entire grid without having to specify the height of every point, or every row (as shown in other examples below)

The user guide says “No elevated terrain heights or flagpole receptor heights are included in this example.” implying it is possible. Could someone comment if it is possible or not?

Please direct your question about AERMOD to this contact form:

Once you search around the CMAS forum, you would find that AERMOD is not supported by CMAS forum at this moment.

Thanks Ryan. I sent through a message. Is there a reason it is not supported? There are questions from only a few weeks ago relating to AERMOD. Do you know of any other forums for AERMOD?

I believe that AERMOD model is not developed or operated by the CMAS while the AERMOD is a dispersion model in EPA. In CMAS, the general resources are for CMAQ, SMOKE, WRF, etc.
For AERMOD group, you can reach them through the abovementioned website. If you cannot get in touch with them, I guess you may check back here to see if any EPA staff could help you reach out to them.
Hope it helps.

You are correct. But this is the closest I have found to a forum for AERMOD. A lot of people are using WRF for AERMOD and using the other models along side it. Is it a problem if people ask questions about AERMOD to other users?

I didn’t get a response from the epa form. However, I figured it out myself.

In the control pathway there is an option define the default flagpole height in the model. If this is defined the grid will be modelled at this height.