CCTM Run error-revised


Dear All,

After trying to run CCTM, I encountered the following error. Please find the log file attached. It seems that there is something wrong with XORIG and YORIG, but I do not know where it comes from. Not to mention that I need you like before.

YORIG_B, YORIG_F: -11.0000000000000 -264.750000000000

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine SubhFile_Cell on PE 001   
 Inconsistent Base/File Yorig


The error message says that one of your input files does not have a grid consistent with your CCTM modeling grid: the lower left corner in one is at a different location from that of the other (11 grid cells left of the coordinate origin, rather than 264.75 grid cells left of the coordinate origin.

This may mean that the file’s coordinate system may be different from the model’s, in an “affine related” way – for example, it is possible to use the same projection-cone for a 30-60-90 Lambert projection, but measure Cartesian X=Y=0 relative to (45N,90W) in one of these and relative to (40N,90W) in the other; the two sets of coordinates differ by an (X1,Y1)=(X2,Y2)+(X0,Y0) transformation, where (X0,Y0) are (messily trig-related-formula) constants.

Unfortunately, the message does not detail which file is the problematic one – that is a coding-standard violation in the subroutine: the log-message should state which file is involved ;-(


Thank you Carlie for your response. The error stems from using MODIS_FPAR for running, and I still do not know how to address this. I have more logs to attach, but unfortunately it could not be attached. May I send it to you?


If you know the file, and know that this is one of those “affine related” errors (and that all the rest of the grid description is correct), then one way to fix it is to use M3TOOLS program “m3edhdr” ( to edit the (XORIG,YORIG) of the file.

Otherwise you need to talk with someone else about that MODIS_FPAR file…


Thank you for your help and response. Yes, I have the program to edit headers, but my problem is that I do not know how should I edit them. Could you please take a look at what I did?

XCENT_B: 51.387001037598 XCENT3D (file): 51.387001037598
YCENT_B: 35.724998474121 YCENT3D (file): 40.000000000000
XCELL_B: 2000.000000000000 XCELL3D (file): 2000.000000000000
YCELL_B: 2000.000000000000 YCELL3D (file): 2000.000000000000

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine SubhFile_Cell on PE 001   
 File header inconsistent with GRID_CRO_2D

PM3EXIT: date&time specified as 0
Date&time specified as 0

As can be seen, YCENT=40 is forced to MODIS_FPAR file by the program that produces it. After I tried to modify it and set it to match the correct one, I faced the following error which you have already seen.

RELOFFY: -0.250000000000000
YORIG_B, YORIG_F: -11.0000000000000 -264.750000000000

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine SubhFile_Cell on PE 001   
 Inconsistent Base/File Yorig.

As you already mentioned, I should try to modify XORIG and YORIG, but my problem is that I do not have any idea about the number that they must be set to. Could you please help me with this? I mean what should be the relation between XORIG and YORIG of CMAQ domain, and the XORIG and YORIG of another file? Please let me know if you need further information.

BTW, as apparently can be seen, there has not been anything wrong with XORIG of the files. Can we say that this wrong YORIG has been computed based on the wrong YCENT that I have no idea how is that came from?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.



The obvious choice would be one of the cross-point met-files – METCRO2D, METCRO3D or GRIDCRO2D

All of the files must have consistent (either dot-point or cross-point) grids…

– Carlie