Subroutine: readnml

hello:when run mcip script,get this error:

NAMELIST FILE NAME = namelist.mcip
NAMELIST = userdefs
IOSTAT = 5010

IOSTATs are compiler dependent. You need to know what compiler was used in order to make sense of that IOSTAT = 5010. And then do a search for something like iostat error codes (and heaven help you if you are using gfortran! …you don’t seem to be using Intel Fortran, for which all the IOSTAT values are at most 781.)


As noted by @cjcoats, there are many possibilities here. Without providing more information, it is difficult to diagnose this particular issue.

I have two suggestions:

  1. Check your script to be sure that you upgraded to use the version that accompanies the MCIP code you are running. There have been changes to the USERDEFS section of the MCIP script that were introduced in MCIPv5.0 (compared with the MCIP4 series). In addition, there was a bug fix in the script in MCIPv5.1 that affected a different part of the namelist generation code.
  2. If you are using the current script and you are convinced that you don’t have any other obvious issues, please post a copy of the namelist.mcip file that was generated by your script so that I can more easily see if there is something wrong.


set LPRT_COL 、 LPRT_ROW 、 WRF_LC_REF_LAT interger,it worked