Surrogates for 1.33km domain

Hello all,

I found the 12km and 4km surrogates to run SMOKE. I also need the 1.33km resolution surrogates to run SMOKE for my project. Is it possible to also get the 1.33 km resolution surrogates for entire US or at least a part of US? I know that is not officially available but if anyone here prepared this, can you please share that with me?


We do not have 1.33km surrogates for the entire country. What area of the country are you running?

sorry to request that here.
Is there 1km surrogates for northeastern US?

Thank you.

Only the NYC area. We tend to make them only for pretty small domains.

I see, thank you for this information.

I am running for Florida. For the following GRID:
’ ’
2 33.000 45.000 -97.000 -97.000 40.000
‘OOSL1330_105X135’, ! 1.33 km for Central Florida domain
‘LAM_40N97W’, 1464000.000,-1240000.000, 1333.333, 1333.333, 105, 135, 1