1km resolution BELD6?

I’m looking to test the new version of BEIS with BELDv6 on my 1.3k and 4km custom domains. I found 12km resolution BELD6 biomass and landuse in the SMOKE 4.9 test case, but both of my domains have finer resolution than 12km. Is there a 1km resolution BELD6 available, similar to this one for BELD5?

Can you please provide the grid descriptions for your 1.3 and 4km domains? We may be able to respond more effectively to those rather than providing full 1km files for the US as those will be very large.

GRIDDESC_udaq_v7_abbrev.txt (556 Bytes)

That would be great! GRIDDESC is attached.

Good Morning Ms. Eyth,

I am also testing BEIS4-BELD6 and looking for 1km resolution BELD6. We use 4km & 12km custom domains.

Is possible for us to get 1km resolution BELD6 so we could manipulate our own finer resolution domain?

TIA, Xiao

The units may not support this – some testing is needed. We are still working on getting the tools and data together that would properly support BELD6 as it has not yet been publicly released.

Thanks for your response. Is anytime soon we could expect the release of 1kmx1km BELD6? If not, any suggestions for us to run our custom domains with BEIS4?

Thanks again, Xiao

It will probably be available late this year in December.

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Good Morning Ms. Eyth,
May I check with you whether there is an update of 1kmx1km BELD6?
TIA, Xiao

BELD6 is used with SMOKE-BEIS4 and BELD6 includes TWO files: 1) Landuse and 2) gridded biomass. We do not have these files available in IOAPI format and we do not have a spatial tool readily available for the modeling community to come up with BELD6 files for new grids. If you have a desired grid, we can likely create the BELD6 files for you.