The concentration of ASEACAT is very high

Hello, I am using version 5.3.2 of the CMAQ model, and the concentration of ASEACAT in the simulation results is very high, exceeding 2500 micrograms per cubic meter. From the perspective of spatial distribution, the concentration over land is high, while it is not over the ocean. Could it be that the

land and ocean mask files were used incorrectly?

If you have large sea spray concentrations over land while concentrations over the ocean are low, then yes, I would suspect problems in the OCEAN_1 file. The variables OPEN and SURF in that file should have values that range from 0 to 1. Also, you might want to turn on the sea spray emissions diagnostic file (setenv CTM_SSEMDIAG Y).

Thank you very much. the problem is that the variable of the ocean mask file were reversed.