Problem in CMAQ (version 5.3.2) output

Hi everyone ~~

I recently used CMAQ version 5.3.2 to simulate an air pollutant event in Taiwan. In my experiment, I installed and ran CMAQ version 5.3.2 on two different high-performance computer systems (hereafter referred to as HPC01 and HPC02) using the same model input and CCTM setting. However, obtained results are so weird and make me very confused. To be more specific, the result obtained from HPC01 shows the concentration of NO along the west of Taiwan decreased gradually over time. Meanwhile, the result obtained from HPC02 shows the concentration of NO along the west of Taiwan sharply decreased in the very short term (attached picture).
So I put my problem here to look for help from everyone. If anyone knows what happened, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Nguyen,

Without further detailed information, it is very difficult to debug this. I am willing to help; however, I will need some specific files.

One quick question, did you run EPA benchmark on both HPCs? are the results from both HPCs match to the reference EPA data for benchmark?

I will send you a separated message to discuss the issue with you, this will take a significant amount of time. Once we have potential answers, you can post what we find under this post later.