Two-way coupled WRF-CMAQ process?

I am learning and running two-way coupled model, I can successfully run two-way coupled model with these setting (a. DO_SW_CAL = T, DO_LW_CAL = F; b. DO_SW_CAL = F, DO_LW_CAL = T; c.DO_SW_CAL = F, DO_LW_CAL = F), but can’t run with the setting (DO_SW_CAL = T, DO_LW_CAL = T) and have no errors. The attachment is configuration file. Can you tell me how to address this? Thanks in advance for your help!

neigae_20190620_sw_lw.csv (39.5 KB)

Hi gc13141112,

 Thanks for your interest in the WRF-CMAQ two-way coupled model. We did not fully tested the long wave option (LW_CAL) so it is not officially supported. Unfortunately the model crashed when LW_CAL and SW_CAL were both on. Were you using the test dataset? Anyway I will take a look of the code.


Hi David,
Thank you for your reply. In the twoway/phys folder, I can’t find twoway longwave code that looks like module_twoway_ra_rrtmg_lw.F. Also I can’t find any code related to the twoway CAM scheme. Please advise!