Use MERRA reanalysis data to provide meteorological data for CMAQ

Hi everyone,
I want to use MERRA meteorological data to drive CMAQ. But I have no idea of what should i do to process the original MERRA data. Could i use MCIP to prepare data ?

As far as I know, GEOS-Chem generally use MERRA meteorological data to simulate atmospheric composition. If you want to use MERRA to provide the meteorological condition, I think you should use MERRA to run WRF at first. The following is a link for MERRA2WRF (I am not sure it is helpful.). Once you finish the WRF simulation by MERRA inputs, I think you can use MCIP to process the wrfout (once the variables in wrfout doesn’t change).
These are just my thoughts.
Hope it helps.

Thanks very much. I will try that.