VERDI 1.4: how to extract hourly data

Dear colleagues,
I am trying to use VERDI to read CAMx outputs, grided data with 754 grid cells. A problem that I can not solve and would like to get your advices here is that

  • How to extract the ASCII with hourly data for every grid cells?
    When I use PAVE 2.3, it can export the ASCII data for hourly. But VERDI I could not found that function.

Ha Chi

Please let me explain more clearly.
In Pave 2.3, I can export ASCII file for all grided cells and all time steps in 1 ASCII file. But for VERDI, only 1 time step can be exported in 1 ASCII file, if I use “export as Image/GIS”. I have 720 time steps, so I want to export all in 1 file. Pave 2.3 now has no install file, so that I have to go with VERDI, but stuck with this problem.

Please give me some ideas to deal with it.

Ha Chi

Instead, use M3Tools program m3totxt. See

Thank you cjcoats, seems that M3Tools need to install in Lunix system. VERDI 1.4 is window version. Anyway, I will try with M3Tools instead. Thanks again!

You can build I/O API and M3Tools under CygWin for Windows – see the instructions on configuring CygWin and then building the I/O API in

Because of that environment, there are some Makefile modifications that are needed. They are documented above…