Visualizing METBDY3D

Hi there,

In the good old days, PAVE visualized every type of MCIP files, including METBDY3D.

It seems to me that VERDI can’t. Is there any plan to restore PAVE’s functionalities in VERDI? If so, how soon would it be?

I forgot the order of the four edges in PERIM. Please remind me so.


Hi Roger,

We will certainly add your suggestion to the list of suggested improvements for VERDI. A routine needs to be written to read this type of file. VERDI is a community tool and we would certainly welcome a code submission if someone is able to write the module. It is uncertain at this time when we will have resources to add this capability.

I am sorry, but I do not have an answer on the PERIM question.
Donna Schwede

Thank you Donna for getting back to me. Would you kindly forward my PERIM question to Tanya? It’s not easy to reveal the order within the MCIP source code.


See the I/OAPI documentation on file-data types:

The image files help. Thank you Carlie.