Saving file as shape in Verdi scripting

Is it possible to save a file as a shape file in a Verdi scripting?
or Does anyone know a location of this file?

We are testing an update that would allow export to shapefiles, and hope to provide this soon.

Please use this link to find anl.verdi.commandline.ScriptHandler on Github

If you check the all command in verdi, there is no option for shapefile.

Please refer to this Github issue regarding saving shapefiles in VERDI. You are correct that there is no functionality in VERDI to allow saving the gridded datasets directly into shapefiles. We may add this enhanced feature in the near future.
VERDI export as shapefile - allow user to export all variables, timesteps, layers · Issue #220 · CEMPD/VERDI · GitHub
For now, we are working on saving a tile plot image into shapefiles in a script. New builds will be posted very soon.

As a work-around, you can turn on CF-compliant I/O API output and tthen use the (open-source) GRASS GIS to convert gridded I/O API data to shapefiles. FWIW.