Verdi and shapefiles to South America

Dear CMAS community
I am using Verdi version 1.4.1, I have tried to add shapefiles from Paraguay but they do not appear on the map. Could you help me with this problem?

Are you trying to add shapefiles that have boundary lines to be used as a background map for Paraguay?

If so, can you convert your shapefile from a polygon to a polyline feature and see if that works. Please add your shapefile and the model output file that you are trying to visualize to the upload google drive, if you would like me to trouble shoot this issue.

Thanks for your help, I’ll be testing your suggestion.

Dear Liza:
I add one shapefile of Paraguay and the CAMS data that I am trying to visualize.
I would really appreciate your help.

Dear Liza:
I uploaded my files on the Incoming folder in Google Drive.
Excuse me if I didn’t do it right, but I’m new using these programs.