Viewing Point Shapefiles in Verdi 1.6

I like the shapefile improvements in VERDI 1.6, but I still cannot display a shapefile of ozone monitors around Long Island Sound. It appears that only the Areal interpolation tab will take shapefiles, but that does not suit my purpose. The add map layer function doesn’t work either for me, since a shapefile has multiple components and a ‘zipped’ shapefile crashes the application. Does anyone have a suggestion? Perhapd I could try VERDI 2.0?

Michael Geigert

Would you be interested in being a VERDI beta tester? VERDI 2.0 beta is currently under development, but has not yet been released to the public. If you have a location where I could upload the latest VERDI package (approx. 500MB), please let me know; if not, we can probably find another way of providing the latest VERDI 2.0 beta (dated today, 20190516). Also specify whether you would like the Windows, Mac, or Linux packages. Thanks.

I would certainly like to be a beta tester. I have a Linux machine, but I would prefer the Windows version, since I have more capability on that workstation. I would need your email to share
my GoogleDrive folder for that download.



Hopefully GoogleDrive will be accessible from behind the EPA firewall.