When I run CCTM , I meet a error , please help me to solve it,error in my cctm.log , others is corresponding file

this is my cctm.log

this is my cctm_set
this is my emissions inventory.nc
this is my GRIDCR02D_D01.nc

As a quick easy check, what does M3Tools program m3stat (see https://www.cmascenter.org/ioapi/documentation/all_versions/html/M3STAT.html) say about this time-step of this variable in this file?

If it fails for this, then you have a bad GR_EMIS_001 file…

The error message indicates that ALD2 data are missing from the EMIS_1 file for the time step 2017021:000000. If you have the M3Tools installed you can use m3stat as suggested. If you don’t, use ncview or VERDI or some other viewer. Do you have ALD2 data for that time step?