Which part of codes controls the interaction of aero and gas mechs ?

Forgive me for not fully understanding the chemical mechanism of cmaq.
For example, when SO2 is released into the atmosphere, some gas reactions may occur, and some sulfate particles may also be generated. So which module controls the interaction between gases and aerosols ?
It seems that there are no information of aero inmech_cb6r3_ae6_aq.def file.

No problem. Please see the source code in aero_subs.F. The subroutine VOLINORG implements the algorithms for transferring gas-phase sulfuric acid to particle sulfate. It does the same for all semivolatile inorganic ion species. The subroutine orgaer in the file SOA_DEFN.F implements the partitioning of organic species.

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Ben Murphy

Thank you very much !!!