WRF auxinput9 error

Hello, I’m currently utilizing WRF version 4.5.1 and have come across an error. For reference, I’ve based my namelist file on the one provided at EQUATES WRF namelist. I’d greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you!

d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 input_wrf: end, fid = 2
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 Input data processed for aux input 4 for domain 1
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 DEBUG wrf_timetoa(): returning with str = [2022-12-25_00:00:00]
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 open_aux_u : opening wrfsfdda_d01 for reading. DATASET DATASET=AUXINPUT9
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 calling wrf_open_for_read_begin in open_u_dataset
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 NetCDF error: No such file or directory
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 NetCDF error in wrf_io.F90, line 1077
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 calling insub in open_u_dataset
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 input_wrf: begin
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 module_io.F: in wrf_inquire_filename
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 input_wrf: filestate = 100
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 input_wrf: dryrun = F switch 35
d01 2022-12-25_00:00:00 module_io.F: in wrf_inquire_filename
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
Possibly missing file for = auxinput9

application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1) - process 0

rsl.error.0000.txt (238.4 KB)
namelist.input.txt (4.9 KB)

Do you have wrfsfdda_d01 and wrffdda_d01 files in the run directory?



Hi, Thank you for your reply! I have wrffdda_01, but there is no wrfsfdda_d01.

WRF is trying to open the wrfsfdda_d01 file for domain 1. That is aux input 9. Not getting into best modeling practices and various model configurations, it looks like you are using the NOAH LSM instead of the PX LSM. NOAH does not need the wrfsfdda_d0* files. You should be able to set grid_sfdda to 0 and px soil nudging to 0, but that probably does not matter if not running PX LSM. Again, this is is not an endorsement or critique of your model config, just why it is not running.

Best. Rob

grid_sfdda = 1,
pxlsm_soil_nudge = 1,

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Thank you so much for your explanation. Now it works!