WRF 4.3 module_sf_noahdrv.f90 error


I am in the middle of upgrading to WRFv4.3 and encountered this error when trying to run wrf.exe.

At line 1981 of file module_sf_noahdrv.f90 (unit = 19, file = ‘VEGPARM.TBL’)
Fortran runtime error: Bad integer for item 1 in list input

real.exe succesfully completes so I am at a loss as to why wrf.exe is not working.

Hi sir3nita,

It is a WRF bug, Please reports it to WRF.

As a friendly reminder that this forum is for CMAQ and WRF-CMAQ model and model related question. Thanks.


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For WRF issues please visit the WRF GitHub issue page:

The WRF repository is maintained and monitored by the WRF developers at NCAR who will be best suited to address this question. Thank you!

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