WRF-CMAQ two-way compile

Hi there,

I am trying to install the WRF-CMAQ two-way coupled model and am using the latest version WRFv4.1.1-CMAQv5.3. I’ve been able to install both seperately and run test WRF runs and the CMAQ benchmark simulations.

I’ve now followed the instructions for the two way model: producing the cmaq Makefile with bldit_cctm.csh, moving twoway and BLD_* into the WRF dir. I then run /twoway/assemble to generate the new configure.wrf file.

But when I try to re-comile WRF with this new configure.wrf I first get Warnings like:
Warning: Legacy Extension: Comma before i/o item list at (1)

and then eventually the Error from aqprep.F90:


** metcro2d_data_wrf (:,:,13) = (grid%rainnc(sc:ec, sr:er) - grid%prev_rainnc(sc:ec,sr:er)) * 0.1 ! RNA = SUM(RN), in cm**
** 1**
Error: ‘prev_rainnc’ at (1) is not a member of the ‘domain’ structure

I have double checked that all libraries and PATH are pointing to the correct places compilers ( I am GNU compilers with MPICH-3.2)

I have attached my the configure.wrf produced by /twoway/assemble and the log.two_way.compile file for reference.

Any help solving this would be much appreciated please!

Many thanks!


configure.wrf.txt (20.4 KB) log.two_way.compile.txt (384.1 KB)

Please consider emailing Fahim Sidi (sidi.fahim@epa.gov) or David Wong (wong.david-c@epa.gov) for assistance with installing WRF-CMAQ. Unfortunately, I do not have experience with installing WRF-CMAQ.

Thank you @lizadams I’ve now contacted them directly