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Hello, dear Mr/Mrs,
I need to run CMAQ-WRF online. However, I am so new in this regard and don’t know how can I do so. I wonder if I should set up CMAQ first and then setup WRF, or there is a package that includes both. Please kindly advise me on how can I have CMAQ-WRF online?
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The instructions for how to install CMAQ-WRF is available in this section of the CMAQv5.3.1 User Manual
“Build and run instructions are provided in the top level readme file in the tarball”.

My recommendation is to start building this with the intel compiler if you have access to it.

I found the following instructions from the WRF community to be helpful, but I used the latest compilers and model release, rather than sticking to the version numbers used in this tutorial, and note that these instructions use gcc for the compiler.

There are issues with building WRF-CMAQ using the gcc compiler that are documented by this user:,_Compiling,_and_Running

They were never able to get gcc to work. Based on that, I recommend compiling using openmpi and intel.

Note: We are about to release new WRF input files that will work with the standard build instructions for compiling the netCDF and I/O API Libraries that are provided for CMAQv5.3.1.

Dear Liz,
Many thanks for your help. However, at the first stage, I started to configure WRF V4.1.1 and got an error regarding the NetCDF path ( please have a look at the attached image

). I previously had my NetCDF on [ /home/seti/setii/files/netcdf/ ], but then changed this path to [/backup/seti/setii/files/netcdf/ ] . In [ configure.wrf. ] I changed home to backup and saved the changes, but once configuring WRF I get the same errors.
What should I do to address this error, please?
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Hi lizadams,
May I ask questions relating to your post here?
I follow the step to compile WRF in the link you suggested:
But I would like to use PGI compiler instead. Meaning I need to change the CC, CXX, FC… in these lines:
setenv DIR /path_to_directory/Build_WRF/LIBRARIES
setenv CC gcc
setenv CXX g++
setenv FC gfortran
setenv FCFLAGS -m64
setenv F77 gfortran
setenv FFLAGS -m64

One thing that I cannot find is what options of FFLAGS and FCFLAGS that I can set? What is the meaning of -m64?


I don’t have experience building with PGI
The table at the bottom of this link “Environment Variable Description Notes” may contain what you need.
I’m also including a link from the unidata support staff that may help.

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I good start is to look at the flags in the relevant Makeinclude file for the I/O API, in this case probably

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Hi dear Liza,
Could you please see received error about this tutorial in my new topic.