Wrf-cmaq twoway ic profile doesn't work

 "INIT_GASC_1" opened as OLD:READ-ONLY   
 File name "/public/model/couple/data/neigae/icbc/ICON_v52_SE52BENCH_profile"
 File type GRDDED3 
 Execution ID "ICON_v52_profile.exe"
 Grid name "MEIC_27km"
 Dimensions: 88 rows, 54 cols, 28 lays, 75 vbles
 NetCDF ID:    327680  opened as READONLY            
 Time-independent data.

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine LOAD_CGRID on PE 000      
 Wrong number of layers in INIT_GASC_1      file
 Date and time 0:00:12   Dec. 9, 2018   (2018343:000012)

I had set vertical layer as 28 !!!


Based on the error message you have provided, CMAQ indicated that number of layers in your model is not 28 which is the case for your ICON file. Make sure your ICON file has the same number of layers in the model domain. If you have further question, please contact me directly, wong.david-c@epa.gov.


Thank you very much !