A simple question about PM25 in 2017gb..monthly..report


I just want to make sure a simple thing that PM25 emission contains PEC and POC and its unit should be short tons in the file “2017gb_hapcap_county_monthly_report_CAPs_PEC_POC_09apr2021.xlsx”, right?

Thank you in advance.

Yes, all of the units are short tons.

Thank you, happy holiday!

Hi Alison,

Sorry, two more simple questions.
I am trying to further QA my generated emission. I tried to convert NO and NO2 in my emission files (mol km-2 hr) to NOx (short tons), but it looks underestimate 30% relative to NOx in that EPA’s report. I found that “For all source categories, NOx is compiled from emissions measurements that express NOx mass based on the molecular weight of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which is 46” in https://www.epa.gov/air-emissions-inventories/how-are-oxides-nitrogen-nox-defined-nei
So I should use 46 molecular weight for converting NO to tons, right?
For mobile source, what’s the relationship between HONO and NOx?

Thank you.

Yes, I think you are right about the MW to use being that of NO2. HONO is usually 0.8% of the mobile sources.

More information is in the speciation section of our TSDs. For example there is one linked from here:


I see, thank you for your speedy reply!