Abnormal values in CCTM_SA_ACONC and CCTM_SA_CGRID files

Hi everyone,

I am running CMAQv5.3.3 with ISAM module to trace source contribution to all PM2.5 species

The results in the basic CCTM_ACONC* and CCTM_CGRID* files looks correct. However, the results for AECI and AECJ of each source in CCTM_SA_ACONC* file are extremely high, reaching 1e15, since someday (2018194) in the simulation. Then we tried to set NEW_START to be TURE, the results became correct, so we think there is something wrong with initial condition.

And we find that since a few days before (2018189), the AECI and AECJ concentrations in the CCTM_SA_CGRID file at the top vertical layer has been extremely high, reaching 1e4. These high values appeared in the grids near domain boundary. We wonder how to fix this error.

Hi Claus,

These types of behaviors are difficult diagnose without trying to reproduce them using your data. In particular, AECI/J are typically the most behaved species because they pretty much just get emitted, blown around, and deposited. So I am not sure how to start except to ask if the base model concentrations in the CONC file appear to be correct.

Furthermore, have you tried the CMAQv5.4? We are recommending people upgrade to this version anyway, so is there a particular reason why are chose the older one?


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