I noticed the description of SRC_APP_MAP in https://www.airqualitymodeling.org/index.php/CMAQv5.0.2_Integrated_Source_Apportionment.
And I have downloaded CMAQv5.0.2 and Spatial Allocator v4.3 in github ,but I haven’t found the file src_app_map.tar.gz ,statefp_mask_all.* or alloc_create_areapercent.csh.Can you help me?

The upcoming release of CMAQv5.3 beta that will include the option to build and run CCTM ISAM.

I agree with Liz that waiting for the next CMAQ release will get you a better ISAM code. But I think you are asking about how to create map file to allocate emissions by regions. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any tools to help you. This is something you need to come up on your own. For an example of what the file should look like, check the ‘ocean’ file that does come with CMAQ data. The region file should have the same format. I fact, you can use the variables in the ‘ocean’ file as your regions.

Thanks for answering my question,but the description in CMAQv5.0.2 isam release notes says as follows:
SRC_APP_MAP is an optional input to ISAM that defines emissions tagging source regions. The I/O API gridded map file can be created using the Spatial Allocator with an input shapefile to compute an area percentage for each state or other region of interest. An example shapefile (statefp_mask_all.*) containing the State Abbreviations and the corresponding STATEFP code with the value for that state set to 1 and the value for all other states set to zero has been provided in a src_app_map.tar.gz file available for download (added 1/7/2015) with the CMAQ-ISAM distribution.

So I think maybe there are some tools.

As you say , I can use the variables in the ‘ocean’ file , so maybe I should use the head of the ocean nc file,but about the variables in map file,It should be like one of the follows or maybe other format?
for example,if I have 2 regions,
(1)region1=1,1,1,0,0,0,region2= 0,0,0,1,1,1

thank you!

Please consider downloading the latest release and reviewing the documentation available in this release announcement: