Although this is not a perfect CMAQ question: How can I realize the sensitivity study of aerosol effect of WRF-CMAQ twoway?

For example, multiple cases with different aerosol concentrations are set to quantify the aerosol effect under different aerosol concentrations.
Can this be achieved for CMAQ or chemical transport model?

I think the most difficult part may be to determine an aerosol concentration in the model. Adjusting emissions seems to be a simple matter.

Hi Bandaoshutiao,

If you are interested in the aerosol radiative direct effect (different areas have different aerosol concentration as well as aerosol constitution), you can do two runs with the WRF-CMAQ coupled model, one with feedback turn off and one with turn on. The difference will be the impact of aerosol on radiation. If you have additional question, please feel free to contact me directly.