AMET Pre and Post AQ Plots

Yes there were two of them

One for 201003
amet_extract_all_PXM_LandUse_AQ.log.txt (138.4 KB)

And another for 201004
amet_extract_all_PXM_LandUse_AQ.log.txt (421.3 KB)

Thanks. I see what’s going on now. The first error AMET runs into is that it can’t find the site_metadata files. It’s looking in /home/pkasper/AMET_v14/obs/AQ/2010/site_metadata_files/ for them, but they are not there.

Assuming you already download them, my guess is they are probably in /home/pkasper/AMET_v14/obs/AQ/site_metadata_files. If not, let me know and we can fix that problem, either by downloading the metadata files and putting them in there, or moving them from another directory. I also assume you put the 2010 observation files in /home/pkasper/AMET_v14/obs/AQ/2010/. By default, AMET is going to look for the specific year files in $OBS_DATA_DIR/YYYY. You don’t need to specify the year in the path. AMET will append that automatically.

So, in your aqProject_pre_and_post.csh script, you can set the OBS_DATA_DIR to /home/pkasper/AMET_v14/obs/AQ/. AMET will automatically look for the 2010 data in the 2010 subdirectory. Also, if you do have the site metadata files in /home/pkasper/AMET_v14/obs/AQ/site_metadata_files, changing the OBS_DATA_DIR will also fix that issue.

So, the fix to your problem could be as simply as changing the OBS_DATA_DIR from /home/pkasper/AMET_v14/obs/AQ/2010 to /home/pkasper/AMET_v14/obs/AQ. Give that a try and see what happens. But make sure your obs data and site metadata files are in the correct directories first.



That did the trick! Thank you so much.