AMET v1.4 batch scripts (AQS Daily species)

  1. Is it possible to analyze with multiple (more than 2) model data (i.e. AMET_Project)?

    • I know it is possible to compare 1 obs and 2 models.
      $scripts_analysis/AQ/input_files/AMET_batch_default.input (Line 112)
  2. How to compare models if the model data are in different databases in AQ analysis script?

  • It looks like possible in MET analysis with timeseries script.
  1. How can I zoom in spatial plot in AQ script?
  • I can set up a boundary in MET script (run_spatial_surface.csh), not in AQ
  1. How can I reset the table?

  2. db_Script.
    I have never seen this error while setting up database.

  3. Can you leave comments for this questions as well?
    How can I draw those plot in AMET?
    Parameter for model in AMET_species_list.R (AMET) - #3 by kkkghs0828