Analysis of CMAQv5.3 Output Files

Dear all,
When I use the emission inventory to simulate the pollution situation in China, there may be some problems in my CCTM output file.In the case of 24-hour emission in my study area,the pollutant concentration decreased from 16:00 to 0 in my CCTM_ CONC_ v53_ gcc_ PRD02_ file.I want to know why the concentration of pollutants drops to 0 in my study area when I have emissions?
Thank you for reading and look forward to your help.

It’s hard to say for sure what has gone wrong. I would start with examining the log files. Pay particular attention to the section describing the emissions mapping. Look for the section beginning “SCALING EMISSIONS CONSISTENT WITH EMISSIONS CONTROL FILE SUPPLIED BY USER”.

Did you run the benchmark domain and obtain reasonable results?