B3FAC Table Contents for BEIS

We are using BEIS 3.14 and have the b3fac.beis3_efac_v0.98 file, which includes the emission factors for various species. There are no headers in this file so I am referring to the SMOKE manual for the column labels. The SMOKE v4,5 manual (Table 8.54; section says that the B3FAC file should have normalized emission fluxes for 34 different species. However, from what I can tell, there are 35 species. Looking at one of my BEIS3 normalized emission value ncf files, it appears that SESQT should be in the B3FAC table after ORVOC. So, that would make position AL in the table “SESQT” and then position AM would be for “NO”.

Does that sound right? Am I missing something?

The version of the emission factor file (v0.98) is likely out of date and was designed for BEIS version 3.12. The SMOKE documentation is also incorrect. There should be 35 species in the file including sesquiterpenes. Sesquiterpenes were added in version 3.14 of BEIS. Check with CMAS for an updated version of the emission factor file. It should be part of the SMOKE repository. The emission factor file for version 3.14 was created in May of 2008. There were later versions of BEIS released with newer versions of the emission factor file. So check in the 2008 to 2015 time frame.