BenMAP help forum?

What are some suggestions for seeking help with BenMAP (Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program - Community Edition (BenMAP-CE) | US EPA) ? I see reference to Health and Air Quality Community Forum but it does not look like it has BenMAP content? Also, I did not see any results when I searched BenMAP in this forum itself! I would appreciate any tips! Thanks!

Have you tried submitting something through the ‘Contact Us’ page on the BenMAP website ( I believe someone should be monitoring those emails and will hopefully be able to point you to technical support.

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As a person who has been using BenMAP for more than 5 years, I can share a few info based on my side.

  1. Firstly, BenMAP does have tutorial material covering a few domains (including the US, China, and Mexico) which you can grab and get good training (The training material is very clear and points to step-by-step use of BenMAP). However, if you are trying to create BenMAP inputs for your custom domain, I would say it would be challenging as you have to figure out the population dataset and create the shpfile (it does require the shpfile has ROW and COL).

  2. Secondly, I heard from Neal Fann that the EPA is in the midst of transitioning BenMAP to be a cloud-based tool (You can check back later this year I guess).

  3. Lastly, while BenMAP is not officially supported here (please correct me if I am wrong), I think there are folks who actively use it in research who are also CMAS Forum community members.

Thus, simply post your question and kindly wait for the response from folks (again, note that it is not supported here, so it generally may take a while to get a response).


Thanks @foley.kristen and @Ryan for your excellent ideas! I have sent a message on ‘Contact Us’ page of BenMAP’s site, emailed benmap at epa dot gov and I am also going to post questions on a new thread in this forum. Thanks again!

Hi Ryan, I was reading that you have experience using BenMAP and I’m writing to you because I haven’t found a help forum. I sent an email to the technical support email and they only responded that: “read the manual.” However, I have read the manual several times and cannot solve my problem. I am working with WRF-Chem to perform simulations of near-surface ozone concentrations; I already converted the model outputs to the format that BenMAP requested for the model inputs. I also built my shapefile to put the model results.
First, I built a database where the concentrations are hourly and, from what I understand, I would not apply any seasonal or annual metrics because I assumed BenMAP would be able to calculate the metric. Still, when I entered the data, BenMAP didn’t send me any errors. However, the stoplight did not turn green. Later, I tried entering just one value, the 24-hour average metric and the yearly average metric; It worked when I did this exercise. Do you know if I have to perform any subsequent steps for BenMAP to calculate the metrics or if I can’t enter multiple data at the same time?

Sorry for this long post; I hope you can help me.


This is because BenMAP does not read the file format. You should go to BenMAP benchmark to check the data format (csv files) formatted by hour then convert it to file.

I don’t understand what you mean here. Do you mean that you only have 2 values in your csv? I am confused.

Sorry for the confusion.
My files are in csv format. What I meant is that when I have a single value in the values column, which corresponds to the annual average, BenMAP works very well. However, when in each cell of the values column I have multiple values (the average daily values of a year), BenMAP cannot read the files. Do I need to do anything else after loading the data? Or BenMAP can’t read a set of values?

Can you upload a file for me to review the format? It would be much quick for trouble-shooting.

Thanks for the quick reply, but this forum doesn’t let me attach files because I am a new user


Feel free to send the file through email to me (