CAMx 7.00 Test Run output '.nc' file cannot open by VERDI

Good Morning, everyone

I try to read CAMx 7.00 Test Run output ‘.nc’ file by VERDI. The error message:error

Is anyone have similar situation? ‘nc’ file itself could be read by ncdump.


I am not sure, but perhaps VERDI thinks that you are trying to load a project file? Are you using the -openProject option?

I was able to download a similar file from this site:
Test problem outputs using CAMx v7.00 (GFORTRAN).
I used the command to create a tile plot of the Ozone variable: -f $cwd/ -s "O3[2]" -g tile

Note: that VERDI loads the file as two separate input files, with the Ozone variable in the second file. The variables latitude, longitude, and topo are in the “first” file loaded by VERDI [1], all other variables are in the second file: