VERDI file opening error

When I try to open an I/O API file in VERDI, I get a ‘Dataset Loading Error’ that reads like this:

'No dataset handler registered for ‘test.ncf: anl.verdi.loaders.SpreadsheetLoader: Number of columns are less than required!’

What could the problem be?

Where did your test.ncf come from, and what does the output from ncdump -h test.ncf look like?

My test.ncf file is a boundary condition file for CMAQ generated using the mozart2camx tool developed by Ramboll Environ. When I run ncdump -h on the file, it gives:

Above is the first part, and below is the last part:

Unlike PAVE, VERDI does not deal with BOUNDARY file types, only GRIDDED file types.

Thanks for the information - it is indeed a BC file!