Can the old Spatial Surrogate tool handle 'MULTILINESTRING' geometry type shapefile?

I am trying to use the old tool to create the HPMS surrogate files ( codes 239-244) using the ‘hpms2017_v3_04052020.shp’ shapefile since the PostSQL tool is not currently installed on our server. But it stopped with an error and warning ‘WARNING: Currently only POLYGONs are supported as second poly in polyIsect’ . Is this true that the tool can only deal with polygons? Or I am doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help and response.

We are not sure of your grid description, but if you have a grid that aligns with the EPA 12US grids it is probably best to use the provided 4km surrogates that to with those.

If that is not possible, we recommend installing the postgres tool and computing the surrogate that way.

We have found that these surrogates take a very long time with the older tool and may not complete.

Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, the grid I want is not aligned with the provided one. We want a 1km resolution over a smaller domain (Houston area). I realized that 239-244 codes take forever. So I tried to crop the original shapefile using R to save out the region I wanted. But this error message poped up. So, I am not sure if the old tool cannot handle the shapefile of string type or my modification to the shapefile introduced this issue.

Anyway, I will try the new tool.