CB05ae6 to CB6ae7 conversion

Hi all,

Is there any table to convert CB05ae6 profiles to CB6ae7?


This paper contains a mapping from CB05 to CB6
The following issue also discusses how to do the aerosol mapping.
Does old emission input data work with new version of CMAQ-5.3.1?
I am including an updated link that was broken in the above issue.
CMAQ/aero7_overview.md at 5.3 · USEPA/CMAQ · GitHub

Thanks for your reply. I’ve already studied that paper. It is actually the mapping from CB6 to CB05. The title of table 2. is not correct actually. PARn CB05 is splitted into more lumped species (i.e. PAR, ACET, BENZ, ETHY, KET, and PRPA) what I need is the fraction of each of those in CB6. Thanks for you help. :slightly_smiling_face: