AERO 6 to AERO 5 species

Hello to everyone!

Does anyone knows where I can found a script/program to convert a CAMQ emissions file from AERO 6 to AERO 5? Or is a source where the changes between those mechanisms could be found?

The more relevant information i found was on this link CMAQv5.0 PMother speciation - CMASWIKI but it does not describes which rates were used to convert the species in the green cells.

Thank you in advance!!


Unfortunately, the conversion from AERO5 to AERO6 will depend on the particular source sector involved and it’s particulate chemical composition. Can you give a few more details on the emissions you are using?

  • Are they for a particular set of sources or are all anthropogenic sources merged together?
  • What is the time and spatial domain? This information will be useful in determining how to approximate the conversion factors.

Depending on your case, application and available resources, you may consider seeking out newer emissions.

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