Speciation conversion from cb6ae7 to cb5ae5

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I am trying to run SMOKE for the 2016v3 and 2019 platforms for the 12US1 domain.

  1. Can you please help me how to convert the cb6ae7 speciation mech to cb5ae5 mech with these platforms? Are there any ready-to-use files for this conversion?

Thank you.

Hello, if possible, I would recommend using a newer version of Carbon Bond. If restricted to CB5AE5, you likely have to (a) find older versions of GSPROs, GSCNVs, and GSREFs that meet this need or (b) translate newer GSPROs, GSCNVs, and GSREFs using from, e.g., CB6R5_AE7 to CB5_AE5. If going route (b), I would recommend using this document to help navigate the translation. CB5 was before my time, but looks like several explicit species were added as emitted tracers, such as benzene, acetylene, propane, acetone, and other ketones. Page 2 of that document appears to have a translation of how one can introduce CB6 species using CB5 tracers.

As for AE5, I’m actually not sure what species were included in there vs. AE6. That likely only requires a simple mapping of POC/PNCOM species?

A colleague also suggested looking at an older modeling platform, which may have ancillary files (GSPROs, GSCNVs, etc.) that meet your needs.

It’s been a long time and I could be wrong, but I think a main difference between AE5 and AE6 was the explicit representation of trace elements (Fe, Si, etc.) in the latter. AE6 was introduced in CMAQv5.0.2 in 2012, so going back to AE5 would mean using a really outdated representation of aerosols. I echo @karlseltzer’s suggestion to use a more current representation of both gas phase and aerosol chemistry.

Relevant links and references:





Thanks so much for your help. Since I have to use CB5AE5 for my current work, so I suppose proceeding with route (b), suggested by @karlseltzer should work.

If you are proceeding with route (b), the document linked by @karlseltzer will help with the gas phase mapping.

For aerosol species mapping, this table from the CMAQv5.0 release notes documenting differences in emitted and CMAQ PM species between ae5 (“existing CMAQ species”) and ae6 (“new CMAQ species”) might be helpful, as you’ll have to aggregate up individual emitted trace elements (PFE, PAL, etc.) from newer speciation profiles to PMOTHR.

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