CCTM cannot finalize output

Good morning CMAQ users:
I am having trouble for generating output for CCTM, using my own emission file and meteorology file to run. While, It does not show any error message.
I am aware that these two messages showing several time, I am not sure whether it is the reason.

>>—>> WARNING in subroutine OPEN3
File not available.
NCAGTC: : NetCDF: Attribute not found

Does anyone know how to deal with it?
I am just including the running log there in case

Hi Fang63,

Could you please provide all the log files to determine the exact error message and then the cause? You can send them directly to


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The message “NCAGTC: : NetCDF: Attribute not found” strongly suggests that the relevant input file was NOT a proper I/O API file. Where did it come from? Were they created by programs that used the I/O API., or did someone attempt to hack their creation using NCO’s or such. The latter is NOT supported.

Note (see the I/O API Home Page at or