Cmaq - cctm error

Dear Tanya,

I thank you for your response. After I tried to set the WRF_LC_RF_LAT to 40.0, I encountered following error:

File name “/home/u2/CMAQ_v5.2/data/tehran5wp/met/mcip/GRIDCRO2D_tehran5wp”
File type GRDDED3
Execution ID “mcip”
Grid name “GRIDOUT_Tehran2k”
Dimensions: 25 rows, 35 cols, 1 lays, 31 vbles
NetCDF ID: 22 opened as READONLY
Time-independent data.

 XCENT_B:     46.822000000000  XCENT3D (file):     46.821998596191
 YCENT_B:     33.917000000000  YCENT3D (file):     40.000000000000
 XCELL_B:   2000.000000000000  XCELL3D (file):   2000.000000000000
 YCELL_B:   2000.000000000000  YCELL3D (file):   2000.000000000000

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine SubhFile_Cell on PE 001   
 File header inconsistent with GRIDDESC

PM3EXIT: date&time specified as 0
Date&time specified as 0

please find the ncdump of mcip output attached.


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We have helped arash several times in the past few months on subsequent threads, so I think we can close this one now.