CGRID not created with CMAQ-5.3.3

Hello everyone,

I updated my CMAQ from 5.3.2 to 5.3.3 recently, but CMAQ-5.3.3 often stopped caused by CGRID not created. This usually happended between several days’ simulation(for example, the first 3 days run normally, but stopped between day 3 and day 4), which happended in ISAM too. But everything is alright by using 5.3.2 with the same run script.
Does anyone run into the same problem?


If the issue is that the CGRID file is not created by the previous day’s output before the next day is started, then one solution is to put in a sleep command in the run script before the end. Example to delay for 60 seconds:

  sleep 60

end  #Loop to the next Simulation Day

I saw your reply in other place and tried this, but it seems not working(I add sleep 30).


It is important to review the output in the CTM_LOG* files and verify that there isn’t another error that is causing the previous day’s run to fail.


I check the CTM_LOG* thoroughly and there’s not any other error.
I switch to 5.3.2 recently and never run into this problem again.