CGRID runinng problem in CCTM

Hi, I’m new to the CMAQ and am trying my best to run it. I’m running the CCTM for domain 1 with the 32 lays. However, it only created 1 layer in the CCTM output. Hence, it creates an error message when I try to run the BCON/ICON for domain 2.

Run_cctm_bb_PM_FINN_d01.csh (34.3 KB)

To write out all model layers to the instantaneous CCTM_CONC file and then use this file as input to BCON to generate boundary conditions for a smaller domain, change

setenv CONC_BLEV_ELEV " 1 1" #> CONC file layer range; comment to write all layers to CONC


#setenv CONC_BLEV_ELEV " 1 1" #> CONC file layer range; comment to write all layers to CONC

Also see User Guide Appendix A for more documentation on CCTM configuration options.

Thanks a lot! I managed to run the ICON for domain 2. However, I still face a problem when creating the BCON for domain 2. I have checked the NROW, NCOL, and NLAY for CCTM_CONC_d01 and MET_CRO_3D_CRS are having a same header.

To help us diagnose the source of the error, please post your BCON run script.

Did you verify that you set environment variable MET_BDY_3D_FIN to the METBDY3D file (not the METCRO3D) file for the fine domain?

Yeah, thank you for the guidance. I managed to run the BCON already and it is a directory problem. But I still have a problem when running the CCTM d02. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m using the MCIP d02 and BCON & ICON (that were generated using CCTM_CONC_d01) to run the CCTM at d02.

Run_cctm_bb_d02.csh (34.2 KB)

I’m glad you found the cause of the BCON run error.

The error for the d02 CCTM run points to a problem with the GRIDDESC file.

Does the file referenced by the run script (/home/nazmi/Build/intel/CMAQcase/bb_PMa/PREP/mcip/201909/201909d02/GRIDDESC) exist?

If so, what are its contents? Do they conform to the standards defined for this type of file, and does the file contain the definition of a grid named ‘201909d02’ as specified in the CCTM run script?

Hai Christian., it helps a lot. I manage to run until that part but unfortunately still unsuccessful. I’m getting a new error message that relates to INIT_CONC_1. It is something wrong with my ICON? Do I need to rerun my ICON?

Run_cctm_bb_d02.csh (34.2 KB)

The error message says that the program cannot find INIT_CONC_1. This points to a problem with the CCTM run script, and rerunning ICON wouldn’t help to address this error.

The run script specifies ICpath as /home/nazmi/Build/intel/CMAQcase/bb_PMa/PREP/icon/201909d02, ICFILE as, and INIT_CONC_1 as $ICpath/$ICFILE. Have you verified that /home/nazmi/Build/intel/CMAQcase/bb_PMa/PREP/icon/201909d02/ exists? Could it be that either $ICpath or $ICFILE is spelled incorrectly?

If the file does exist at this exact location, could you show the results of ncdump -h /home/nazmi/Build/intel/CMAQcase/bb_PMa/PREP/icon/201909d02/

Hi @hogrefe.christian, Yeay!..Finally, I got to run it successfully. Thank you for the guidance. It is still a directory problem. I got confused when I was running CCTM for d02.

Thank you a lot and cheer!